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Models List:

  • Monterey: 214FS, 254FS, 260SCR, 270CR, 278SSX, 280SCR, 318SS, 320SY, 340SY, 400SY, the New M5
  • Luhrs: 37 IPS Open
  • Century: 1801CC, 2001CC, 2400WA, 2901CC, 3200OS

Contact Info:


Steve Hopkins
Tel: (305) 947-6446
Fax: (305) 945-0003


Power House Marina is a full service Marina and a certified Volvo Penta dealer.  We are the premier resource for Volvo Penta Parts and Volvo Penta Marina services that can accommodate a wide range of projects and needs.  We also offer used and new boat sales through Arch Creek Yacht Sales, which has a wide selection of Monterey, Luhrs and Century boats.

Owning a boat is a highly rewarding commitment and shopping around can become a lengthy and confusing process. As with any large purchase you want to make sure that the product you decide on is reliable, safe and worth investing in. Power House Marina understands all of these key factors and we use our knowledge and resources to make sure that the boat you purchase is the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle. We offer a wide selection of both new and used boats that are sure to fit your needs and wants.

We understand the passion that is behind every marine vessel purchase and Power House Marina will work with you on finding exactly what you were looking for. Power House Marina can provide you with tips, advice and information once your purchase is decided, along with the required maintenance tasks.  We never want you to settle when it comes to your boat selection, repairs and warranties.

Power House Marina is available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have when it comes to a used or new boat purchase. It’s important that you’re confident when making such a valuable and exciting purchase and you will find all of the resources needed at Power House Marina.  Being a family owned and operated business we are able to place ourselves in the customers position which ensures the best customer services and advice.

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